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Jobs Links & Tips

Job Listings & Recruitment Agencies

More Info on Twitter Hashtags - If you use Twitter - use #gameshires - linking to your portfolio, what you're looking for etc

Handy List of relevant Linked In Groups

Excellent Q&A on the Guardian Website

Handy Maps of Companies


David Perry's game map





Using Social Media

Linked In

How LinkedIn will fire up your career

This is a Social Network for Professionals. It can be a little daunting to start with - but you have every right to be there as students looking for connections & positions.

There are Groups & Connections and you'll see jobs posted and discussions on aspects of the industry.

Increasingly we're coming up with people who say 'I don't have a business card - just find me on LinkedIn"

Also - if you want to go freelance - set yourself up as a company!

Linked In ToDo List

  • Connect with placements on Linked In
  • Join relevant Groups - These will help you connect with people
  • Join our Group - Staffs Uni Games Alumni
  • Join the offical Staffs Uni Alumni Group
  • Follow Companies you have an interest in

Handy Infographic on getting to grips with Linked In

Keep your profile up to date, keep it professional and be smart in the info you put up - it's how people will see you, it isn't Facebook...


You might already be on Twitter - probably microblogging about your drunken escapades and about how much you love @StephenFry - that's fine, but don't discount using Twitter to form connections and chat to industry.

Twitter ToDo List

  • Follow Us (@StaffsGamesTech) & The Uni (@staffsuni)
  • Have a look at the lists we've put up on Twitter - Jobs | Companies | People - Follow the people / companies that interest you
  • 'Join the conversation' - repost interesting things, reply to people, be intelligent, well spoken and don't use text speak.
  • Also check this list:
  • Link any blogs etc you may have e.g. your portfolio,so if you update it, it will update twitter too
  • You can also update your LinkedIn status by ending tweets with #in

Tips on Business Cards & Networking's nice ideas for student business cards

Remember your business card may outlive things like student e-mail addresses etc