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Below are some ideas for projects and portfolios in final year and masters study.

Modelling Projects

  • Morphing Normal Maps
  • Likeness Sculpt of a famous / Photographed person
  • Ecorche Sculpt showing skeleton and muscle structures
  • Creation, pipeline and rendering process of a cinematic character
  • Creation, pipeline and rigging of an Unreal vehicle
  • Creation of a custom rig & pipeline for a Quadruped
  • Creation of a custom rig for a Cinematic Character
  • Full animatic creation in Unreal including Mocap
  • Motion capturing a quadruped
  • Implementing Motion Capture Data as in-game animation data in Unreal
  • Comparison between character animation using dynamics, motion capture, hand animation and endorphin
  • Team based character design
  • Interactive foliage systems
  • Converting a 2D Game to 3D Or Vice versa
  • Design process for historical characters (modular character design and gear allocation)
  • Using FaceFx to rig and animation facial animation
  • Modular asset creation
  • Designing a character for 3D printing.
  • Implementation and testing of SSS in UE4
  • Implementation of a character or building based on DX11 Tesselation and displacement
  • Creating a werewolf / pegasus (using fur techniques)
  • Designing and creating a lizard character / Titan (using scales and shaders)
  • Designing an alien / Hybrid (Displacement or shaders or morphing)
  • Creating a T1000 terminator (Liquid morphing effect or modelling with shaders)
  • Creating a rainforest / abandoned city
  • Weathering an Environment
  • Destructable environment (Apex / NVidiaWorks)
  • Painting fantasy creatures with SSS by hand
  • Accurate recreation of an area using photography / satellite images / lidar and UE4
  • Layered Material Shaders in Unreal 4
  • Creating a creature bust
  • Sculpting and Texturing Hard Surface Characters
  • Architectural Visualisation
  • Design and Produce a UE4 Diorama
  • Create a 3D Pack for the UE4 Marketplace

Design / Programming Projects

  • Comparing gameplay across different platforms
  • Adapting an existing building for gameplay
  • Adapting games for disabilities
  • Measuring compulsion in Games
  • Player Psychology
  • The clarity and deceit of gaming conventions / environments
  • Building a balanced competitive game
  • Emergent Gameplay
  • Balancing online economical systems
  • Alternate reality gaming
  • Ambient / Persuasive Gaming
  • Games as Cultural Products
  • Using friends as resources in games
  • Design and Produce a VR Demo for UE4
  • Build a plugin for UE4
  • Create a Template for the UE4 Marketplace
  • Recreate an old Classic game in UE4
  • Build a mobile game in UE4
  • Create an interaction system for a game engine
  • Simulate systems like weather, traffic etc... in a game engine
  • Developing efficent AI Algorithms for game genres (i.e. third person / fps)
  • Create an adventure platformer physics system (assassins creed / uncharted physics)
  • Designing movement systems
  • Building inventories for games
  • Creating a Character Class system for games
  • Developing Card Games for Computers
  • Creating playable Characters / Vehicles

Modelling Potential / Past MSc Projects

  • Morphable bone and anatomical system
  • Development of an anatomical fur system
  • Creating a holographic character
  • Use of Laser Scan data in a games character pipeline
  • Creation of damage systems
  • Testing player choice on character aesthetics / animation
  • The effective use of team work and 3D in a game engine
  • Controlling player movement and awareness in game engines
  • Rapid prototyping in Zbrush
  • Boss character design
  • Morphable head topology
  • Morphable playable characters
  • Creating a weather system in UE4
  • Developing a solution to incorrect normal calculation in Maya
  • Creating a transformable wrinkled character
  • Creating a usable team based vehicle.

Design Potential / Past MSc Projects

  • Sensible player Handicapping in Multiplayer combat Games
  • Scaling of levelling up and damage systems in an MMORPG
  • Utilising A.I. Systems to produce specific gameplay
  • Creating intelligent agents for team based games
  • Player manipulation via Narratology
  • Balancing weapon sets
  • Player manipulation via audio / visual triggers
  • Cognitive training / Serious games


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